What does 37 years of trauma do to the human body?

In the case of Gracie Rosenberger, the damage is extensive. Slamming into a concrete abutment and flipping her car into a small ravine in 1983, Gracie awoke three weeks later to a brutal new reality. One surgical resident later reported that medical staff stopped counting at 200 breaks. 

To date, Gracie’s endured:

  • 80 operations
  • 100+ smaller procedures
  • Both legs amputated
  • Multiple pulmonary emboli
  • Multiple bouts with MRSA
  • Massive amounts of anesthesia, opiods, and antibiotics
  • Severe and Constant Pain.
  • COVID-19 Virus in March 2020

in 2015, Gracie hovered near death and things looked bleak. Yet, some friends circled around and explored the possibilities of helping repair Gracie’s body in a different way than the 100+ physicians who’ve treated her.

Without ignoring medical advice, Gracie and her team chose to supplement it with natural products.  Working to help heal her body on a cellular level, this team set out with the Herculean tasks of addressing the ravages of not only her wreck, but also of her subsequent treatment. 

Think of what anesthesia does to your hair and skin, for example. Consider the impact of years of antibiotics on your immune system.  How is one affected by three decades of opioids?

With support from an extraordinary team (as well as a lot of prayers and even tears), Gracie began the upward climb towards healthiness. 

A Team Effort

Gracie spent nearly two years following the guidelines of her new team of committed friends and health partners. She launched this journey with a product called VITALITY STACK. Her team prodded, prayed and cried with, supported, and cheered her on through every step.

Astonishingly, successes came!

Bloodwork, liver enzymes, blood pressure, skin and hair – ALL saw positive increases!

Going Further

With a renewed strength and confidence, Gracie went even further to help repair the extensive damage to her skin. Using a product called True Science Beauty Systems, she saw amazing results in her skin.  The picture below is from a picnic she and her husband, Peter, had on Memorial Day 2020. 

Oh, by the way …Gracie contracted the COVID-19 Virus in March 2020. Where five years ago, she hovered near death, today she is living a healthier life. 

Gracie is 54, a grandmother of two (with a third grandchild on the way), and has experienced a lifetime of trauma. Take a look at her.  Notice her hair and her skin.  (Ignore Peter ..science can only do so much!)

How About You?

Are you ready to tackle your health issues?  Stress, trauma, poor diet, and a host of other things can wreak havoc on our bodies.  But starting today, we can make better choices and, with a team around us, firmly place our feet on a path to a healthier life.   

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