SHIMANO RS770 Front Bicycle Hub HB-RS770 Disc Lock for - オンライン限定商品 Center 62円 SHIMANO RS770 Front Bicycle Hub HB-RS770 for Center Lock Disc - Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation SHIMANO RS770 Front Bicycle Hub HB-RS770 Disc Lock for - オンライン限定商品 Center SHIMANO,Bicycle,for,RS770,62円,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Front,/Heterostraci1505415.html,Hub,-,HB-RS770,,Center,Lock,Disc 62円 SHIMANO RS770 Front Bicycle Hub HB-RS770 for Center Lock Disc - Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation SHIMANO,Bicycle,for,RS770,62円,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Front,/Heterostraci1505415.html,Hub,-,HB-RS770,,Center,Lock,Disc

直営ストア SHIMANO RS770 Front Bicycle Hub HB-RS770 Disc Lock for - オンライン限定商品 Center

SHIMANO RS770 Front Bicycle Hub HB-RS770 for Center Lock Disc -


SHIMANO RS770 Front Bicycle Hub HB-RS770 for Center Lock Disc -

Product description

Shimano RS770 front disc hubs designed for stiffness and comfort. Lightweight aluminum construction with disc brake and Thru Axle compatibility.Item SpecificationsSpoke InterfaceJ-BendDefined ColorBlackColorBlack/SilverWeight126Hub Drilling28Front Axle12mm Thru x 100mmHub/Brake CompatibilityCenter-Lock Disc

SHIMANO RS770 Front Bicycle Hub HB-RS770 for Center Lock Disc -


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