Ripenin,,Wire,Paravorce,,/auspicious529238.html,Fruit,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bowl,,Even,Basket,,28円,Borboleta,Fruit Paravorce Borboleta Fruit Basket Ripenin Bowl Even 公式ストア Wire Ripenin,,Wire,Paravorce,,/auspicious529238.html,Fruit,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bowl,,Even,Basket,,28円,Borboleta,Fruit Paravorce Borboleta Fruit Basket Ripenin Bowl Even 公式ストア Wire 28円 Paravorce, Borboleta Fruit Basket, Wire Fruit Bowl, Even Ripenin Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 28円 Paravorce, Borboleta Fruit Basket, Wire Fruit Bowl, Even Ripenin Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Paravorce Borboleta Fruit Basket 超人気 Ripenin Bowl Even 公式ストア Wire

Paravorce, Borboleta Fruit Basket, Wire Fruit Bowl, Even Ripenin


Paravorce, Borboleta Fruit Basket, Wire Fruit Bowl, Even Ripenin

Product description


Our Borboleta Fruit Basket comes beautifully packaged and includes the following quality items:

  • 1 Wire Fruit Bowl: W 320mm/12.59”, H 105mm/ 4.13”, D 185MM/7.28”, Wire Thickness 4.8mm/0.18”, Coloured Black or Chrome
  • Packaging: 1 Black Gift Box – NO DIMENSIONS ON BOX SUPPLIED
  • Total weight: 517gms/18.32oz

Trendy Design: Great for elevating your home décor or styling the office. Create beautiful and tasty centrepieces perfect for everyday use or family gatherings. Wire design makes fruit easy to see and more tantalising. Also great for cafés and juice bars. It’s the perfect way to draw in customers with a colourful display of fresh fruits and a delicious aroma.

Practical: There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of the week and finding rotting fruit at the bottom of the fruit bowl. The open wire design keeps the air flowing, promoting even ripening and preventing sweat. No more end of week messes to clean up!

Quality Materials: Our Australian-designed kitchen accessories are built to last. With smooth edges and surfaces, the Borboleta wire baskets won’t damage your fruits. The silver fruit basket is chrome plated, and the black fruit basket is powder coated.

The Perfect Gift: Know someone who could do with some help elevating their home style? This wire fruit basket is the perfect gift for them. Packaged beautifully and ready to give as a special gift; great for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and anniversaries.

Paravorce is an Australian owned and operated company that produces high-quality homewares. Our Borboleta Fruit Basket is the perfect stylish and practical addition to your business, home or office.

Paravorce, Borboleta Fruit Basket, Wire Fruit Bowl, Even Ripenin

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