An Extraordinary Journey

Thirty-seven years ago, a young woman struggled to wrap her mind around a hateful, new reality following the horrific car accident she endured.

Gracie Parker Rosenberger was only 17 years old when her wreck occurred.

One resident later shared with Gracie that when she arrived at the emergency room that day in 1983, they counted more than 200 fractures. Eventually, both of her legs were amputated, and the surgery soared. In 2018 Gracie underwent her 80th surgery since her car accident. In addition, she has endured at least 100 additional smaller procedures.

Her Road to Recovery

With procedures increasing over the decades, also came seemingly endless doses of antibiotics, narcotics, anesthesia, and other medications – all of which wreak havoc on the body.

From 2008 to 2017, Gracie’s body experienced a significant decline, and family and close friends felt that death was at hand. It seemed the decades of surgeries and drugs had finally caught up with her.

Gracie needed help to rebuild on a cellular level.

A Will to Live

Gracie’s body seemed close to death, but her spirit wasn’t.

Several friends approached Gracie and her husband Peter and shared their experiences with a new path to health through the products of a company called LifeVantange.

As Gracie’s body bore the brunt of a horrible medical ordeal spanning decades, Peter seemed skeptical – but both of them agreed to try.

Peter hosts a national radio program for family caregivers and recently discussed his own health recovery journey on his show. 

A Commitment to Health

Thirty-five years of medical trauma takes time to address.

Gracie spent nearly two years following the guidelines of her new team of committed friends and health partners.

They pushed, prodded, cried with, supported, and cheered her on through every step.

Astonishingly, successes came!

Bloodwork, liver enzymes, blood pressure, skin and hair – ALL saw positive increases!

Less than four years ago, Gracie was mostly bedridden and the future looked bleak. This video is from February 2019 in Montana.

A Mission for Life

Gracie has returned to the mission field after a 7 year absence with the ministry she founded, Standing With Hope.

Her organization provides prosthetic limbs to her fellow amputees.  The picture to the left is of Gracie with Esther ( a Standing With Hope patient) taken in Ghana – August 2018.

While still bearing the orthopedic consequences of her wreck, Gracie’s mind is clearer, her body is healthier, and she manages her pain better.  In addition, her hair and skin also see the restoration from the years of damage caused by anesthesia, antibiotics, and other medications.  

Simply put, Gracie is healthier.

The difference is LifeVantage …

and the benefits keep unfolding.